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Suburban Family
Own BLK Cincy

We are focused on reducing The Wealth Gap In African American Communities through home ownership, equity, and financial wellness.


"OwnBlkCincy" is a dynamic two-day housing symposium proudly presented by Union Savings and Guardian Savings Bank in collaboration with The City of Cincinnati, and the office of Vice Mayor Jan-Michelle Lemon-Kearney. Designed to educate and empower prospective homebuyers, the event focuses on key areas such as credit, mortgages, the home buying process, ongoing maintenance, and leveraging home equity for wealth building. Attendees gain essential knowledge supplemented by insights into the City and County’s grants and down payment assistance programs along with maintenance provisions and programs to facilitate aging in place.


Guide to Pre-Approval

Discover what this process entails and why it's essential for beginning your path to home ownership.

Understanding the Home Buying Process

From understanding your finances and determining your budget to exploring different mortgage options and finding the perfect home, we cover it all.

Home Improvement

Discover how investing in home improvements not only beautifies your living space but also adds significant value over time. Let us empower you to make wise decisions and unlock the full potential of your home

Leveraging Equity for Wealth Building

Explore the various strategies for utilizing home equity to propel your financial journey forward. From understanding the concept of home equity to exploring options such as home equity loans, HELOCs, and cash-out refinancing.

Presenting Sponsors

City of Cincinnati
Union Savings Bank Guardian Savings Bank
Guardian Savings Bank

Title Sponsors

First Financial Bank
Fifth Third Bank


US Bank
Key Bank
Huntington Bank
People's Bank
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ENACT Mortgage Insurance
Realtor's Alliance fo Greater Cincinnati
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LISC of Greater Cincinnati
Greater Cincinnati Foundation
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Removing Barriers  

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Upcoming Workshops

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Working from Home

Stay #Empowered and Informed

Bridging the Wealth Gap

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